Price Action Trading Example: Day Trade

Today I am showing you all how to trade Price Action. From time to time, I do blog when I have the chance. Today is just that day. I will use the EURUSD because it is always been my favourite currency pair. And also the most thoroughly tested Pair.

First on the over view that this pair is on a bullish trend. So all you need to find is the Fresh demands. Notalble look at the Price Structure. Whether the Impulsive move is volatile and the corrective move is either volatile or non volatile.

Then You can anticipate the move. If you had purchase my ebook , you should know what I mean on the Chart below.

Took the first buy on the Pbar formation , which I thought it was a shallow corrective. Apparently the Price was still on corrective. So on every corrective bar, I place a buy anticipating for another round of Impulsive move.

Notably earlier, the price had come off from Demand, making an Impulsive move. Fresh demands on European Open creates an Engulfing, telling me fresh buyers just enter into the foray.

Coincide after a corrective move. So I believe that price will continue on its bullish move whilst the fresh demand will hold the price.

Proven that NY traders enter into the Market, fresh buyers seen with the formation of Pbar during its corrective move. SO here on, I keep stacking my position to 5 stack. SO I anticipate a good impulsive bullish move where evidently NY traders are on a Bullish tone.

Even If price decide to go down again, means attracting smart Traders like us to add position. We know from a fact that Fresh demand are in those areas. When price does enter into that area, a strong demand imbalance will occur. An astute trade will add his/her buy position.

A good indication of a strong demand is as shown with such engulfing pattern. Long wick and Price Unable to sustain below it , shows demand are strong.

Now on its final move, the Breakout. Volatile impulsive move. At the same time creating a Fresh demand print on the chart.

Almost reaching my stacked position targets. Total 100 pips for 5 position.

Target reach and Trade is done for the day ! 🙂

Don’t complicated things. Trading is in actual fact simple and straight forward. The only problem most trader fail is they are too Euphoria , or too greedy, or both! Clouding their judgement and their trading analysis.

It comes down to simple imbalance between Demand and Supply!


Have a good weekend!

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