Robot Vs Discretionary

Good day ALL

I assume you all have been trading wildly .. I think it all contributes this week volatility! Thank you… and of course, traders who are part of the 95% group who are constantly losing, sorry pal… You just need to learn more…

Today, I just feel like watching, and I was looking into my experimental account which I utilised a robot, I bought from Rob Booker, called ‘ The FInch’. Though , it does have a good trading concept but still, it is base on indicators and calculative numbers.

I did backtest it a couple of time before I introduce it into the real market. Initially, the robot does it well. Which is an adaptation to the current market at that time. But market changes, as do Human… The Market is a reflection of Human mentality, and behaviour. A robot cannot compute changes.


Hence below, a chart I made in my experimental account.

I have started the robot in April after numerous test. Initially it went well. But over time, it just stays constantly. Losing and winning. Until One of the trade goes hay wire… Somewhere in August , I decided. Thats it, 3 months and this is what we can accomplished ?

So from september on wards until this month , I trade discretionary , which means I am in control. I switched off my robot and remove it. Notice the over exponential graph!

That is my self trading!! Big difference. It took me a month just to make my deposit a 100% return. Beyond any fund manager capable of doing.

The robot simply fail to impress me. But make no mistake, I am experienced well trained trader , I know what i can do with any of my trade. I adapt situation arises during trading which a robot can’t.

Still I prefer to trade manually, it gives me better in tune of current moment of the market.


The balance from $100 to $200 in a month.

I did a couple experiment on my personal account as well. I manage to grow a $100 account balance into $1.4K  in 1.5 months. May be too fast, so I think I should rest till I grow it again. This account is used for scalping any pair using supply and demand. But still I want to achieve in a month more than 300% return. Once I succeed this, I will prove the world that the myth about leverage are bogus!

Very ambitiuos… I know that Retail broker will notice this..and I must avoid over trading as well. That is the opportunity for them to kill us all over again. Win big rest a while, win small consistently.



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