Im tired today. So I will be just watching and re learning again. But My setup on the GBPUSD went well with more than a 100 pip. I have accumulated 5 position in it when the price decided to tank in more naive buyers, Which is good for me 🙂

Meaning I will be taking their money off easily.

Just midday of the European session, the GBPUSD decided , its time.

AS for the AUDUSD, I cancelled the trade because it didnt happen and the price decided to fly without bring me with it. Hence no worries.

What did I do best ?

Stick with my plan, not feeling shaken at all even price decide to play at the supply, Knowingly and believing and trusting that that is a supply and am I the one seeing it ? Perhaps banks and institution knew about it. SO yeah, it was a great trade and a great plan!

What should be improve or change ?

Again nothing, stick to the same mentality, feeling nothing about the trade. Just simply levels that needs to be either win or lose.

What’s Next ?

EURUSD , I am watching it since today is ECB draghi speaking later on in 3 hours. I saw a demand , I feel I want to scalp it. Why not take it with a short trade only…. ITs a 30 min chart so the 5 pip rule applies…

Demand at its sweetest…Reason Why I just want to watch. The imbalance was rather confusing. Yes the path it broke above was strong. Yet from the point imbalance is rather unconvincing to me. So Best just to watch it or put the trade on a demo if you feel the urge of temptation. But never think that if it did goes in favour, never ever ever say, I should have enter the trade!

That mindset is wrong. Just accept it that it worked out, and its a good learning lesson. Put it in your notes , so the next time shows of similarity, take it!.

A slight doubt can kill you and your trade and our account! In this case, it showed doubts on me so hence I rather watch it.



Happy Hunting!!

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