GBPUSD H1 scalp or Strategy 10

Hi Traders out there!!

I hope you all are doing well in whatever strategy or system you use, as long as you stick with it and be consistent and maintain in control of it , either psychologically and mentally.

Since Last week, I have been eyeing on the GBPUSD demand level on the 1 Hour or H1 chart time frame.

So I decided, I want to take a short term trade on this pair by just scalping it for 10 pip. Its equivalent to the strategy 10. Only on H1 I use 10 pip for scalping and on a 15 min chart for only 5 pip, make sense ?

It misses twice since last week. SO I decided to scalp if she ever revisit before she turned into a fresh supply.

And guess what….

filled and closed resumes its trend

The trade close while I was a sleep in the late US session. Trade done with 10 + 11+ 12 = 33 pips in total.


What did I do best ?

Stick to the plan and leave on its own accord.

What should I improve ?

NOthing, stick to my system and move on. Just keep on moving…

Whats Next ?

Looking into if GBP becomes a supply and I want to scalp on its return..


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