Scalping EURUSD and GBPUSD

Hi Everyone!! Here again, another week of Trading. This time I am scalping both pairs. Remember, scalping at this multitude requires skill and guts, not for the faint of heart.

Im looking 2 different time frames after which stick to the best looking level.

GBPUSD on a H1 , target is 10 pip initial position while the bottom with the same TP of the initial position. So 3 position with different reward. Demand level noted on an up trend.

Too aggressive buying leaving unfilled orders which this needs to be filled again. Scalping using larger time frame sometimes are far more effective than lower time frame.


on a lower time frame, in this case 15 min chart. Scalping it for 5 pip on the initial position while the other position using the Initial position target.

It looked as if going for the 3 rd attempt in filling the orders. and Presume it will filled it . ON the larger scale H1, the demand still in tact and this is on bull run.


I set both pairs on pending limit orders. Hope to see something happen here. Once this is done, thats the only trade for this week I will be doing unless more opportunities present it self.


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