EURUSD Scalping Done

Just after I post the EURUSD trade setup, after 45 min, the trade had been done. 3 position closed with 6 + 5 + 6 pip . so thats roughly 17 pip gain.

I knew the price action was on a retracement , the only difference is that it was volatile. Which was good in a sense that something was not filled , means there is an imbalance somewhere within a short period in any of those time frame.

I was more relax in preparing and executing the trade.


What did I do better best today ?

I stick to my plan, without deviation. Ignore inner thoughts which I expect because the trade had no SL. I knew my limit where to close them if the trade against me and know what to do if it does by trading into the direction of imbalance.

What should be improve ?

Nothing really, stick to the same system. If I ever want to go to sleep, I would just put the SL to the limit below.

Whats next ?

Wait for another opportunities to present it self or simply ignore todays winning and focus tomorrow or remainder of the week if any trade opportunities available. If not, I have achieved for the weeks gains.


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