GBPUSD Amazing Trade

Good day Traders out there!! Hope you gain something today.. Pat a hand behind your back and do something fun afterwards… Make sure you review your trade. For the ones who losses, or keep on losing… well, sometimes you just need to review what you did. Before blaming the system , or your self or the market. Remember who press that buy/sell button. Who was talking you into making those trade..


Sometimes it is just simply you are being out trade! Remember this, price move where areas of Imbalance occur between demand and supply. But not to worry though, I also had that kind of trade today!


I was Selling into the GBPUSD which I thought it was a supply, because I trade what I see, not feel. But inside my head ‘ Trade Plan’ if this trade fails, I know for certain that the supply being countered by massive demand making it a fresh new Demand!

So what I got stopped out, I retrade the level that I was sure was a fresh supply now turns into a sure fresh demand. SO I re buy it the moment the price dips back to filled in the large order volume.


Initial setup

Then I compare with 2 different brokers See Exhibit A and B. That is the funny thing about retail brokers. They just knew you are too good! But they took the risk of counter trading it. Hence , I knew part of my plan and knowledge that anything being our gun by the opposite forces, join them.

Notice the difference ?

After putting multiple buy orders at the price dip , see below exhibit C and D

Exhibit C


Exhibit D

Two different trade on two different brokers but the result is just simply outstanding.

Scalp and Day trade. So basically I recover my loss today with a nett profit.


What did I do best today ?

By not feeling the loss but instead think the reversal as an imbalance of supply and demand, retrade!


What could have improve ?

Nothing, There was no change in my strategy and stick to my original plan. The Plan B was to ensure take the reversal trade ensuring there is a greater profit margin and ensure price will continue.


Whats Next ?

Play mobile legend I guess… or have a good quality 8 hour sleep to ensure you are fully fresh and focus.



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