EURUSD and GBPUSD day trade

I was thinking again back, its been a while that I have not scalp since. The problem scalping on a retail broker is it won’t allow you to use larger position because there is just nobody to trade against. This where the broker had to be the counter party. I recall back the days where I use 100 or 200 lots that my trade end up not being filed and even close at 3 pip instead of 5.


Of course after that , I got a call from the broker that they insist me on using just smaller size. Because they are losing and I was winning! Of course in the end. I could’nt win in a long term, they are broker who still need to profit from their client.

Ok , done with history of scalping. Here below is a chart. The GBP and EUR.

Its friday and late already. SO I doubt there will be still any market or trader’s participant still in the game.

If next week Monday my setup still there without being filled, I’ll just cancel the trade and move on with a new setup.



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